For over 40 years, the benefits of owning prime Southern California multi-family investment property has been made available to individual owners and group investors through the principals of Allen Properties. 

Allen Properties’ purchasing strategy has been to concentrate on a finite geographical area and to only acquire properties that measure up to a demanding purchase criteria.  Allen Properties, with its many years of research and relationship building in the Southern California real estate business community, enjoys unparalleled deal flow.  Significant investment opportunities are continually being uncovered.  The success that Allen Properties has enjoyed over the years is based upon their experience with cyclical investments and their discipline to make timely decisions in an ever-changing marketplace. 

The principals of Allen Properties remain extremely “hands on” throughout the investment’s life.  The purchase of the property, investment structuring and financing, refurbishment of the units, daily operations, and eventual sale of the asset are all coordinated by the principals themselves.  As a result, Allen Properties has put together a track record spanning five decades of successful real estate investments showing average annual returns of over 27%.